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About Emily

Hi! I’m Emily and welcome to The Peace & Beauty Life! I’m so grateful you’re here!

Creating art, designing rooms and finding new ways to make life more simple and joyful is my passion.

My happy place has always been with all my art supplies!

As a little kid I was constantly creating art and I would write stories that were so long they had chapters! In high school I took just about every creative class that was offered.

So how did I get here?

Well, when my daughter was born I stopped painting because it wasn’t very convenient having such short periods of time to work on my art plus all the paint supplies lying around wasn’t such a great idea either! I began creating art with my camera instead and was super fascinated by the amazing details I could capture with a macro lens. I began to notice the beauty in the tiniest things that most people never stop to see. I eventually became a photographer working in the area hospitals photographing newborns. From there I started to photograph weddings for a local studio and eventually opened my own business in 2008. My business grew to include several associate photographers and I photographed weddings and families for 14 years in total. Eventually due to injury, chronic pain and a very stressful lifestyle taking its toll on me I decided to switch gears and enjoy the few years I have left with my teenage kids living at home and focus on the art I had been creating for my own amusement in my very limited spare time. I also feel like since I’ve been through some shit I’d really like to be able to help other people live a healthier, happier, and more relaxed lifestyle because I know firsthand what chronic stress can do to a person!

I love using art to inspire the color palette for my own home.

The Art & Home Design section has room designs that I created that center around my art pieces as design inspiration. I want to help you create a beautiful, nurturing place to live in the easiest way possible with my Room Design Capsules. I know you’re probably crazy busy and don’t necessarily have the time or energy to spend on meticulously creating interior design plans for your home yet you still want a nurturing, calm and beautiful place to live. When life gets crazy it is soooo good to come home to a space that makes you feel relaxed and happy!

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cultivating calmness

The Simplify section is all about organizing and simplifying your life with good habits and quick tips that are aimed at reducing stress and chaos.

Part of my journey into creating a more chill lifestyle has been slowing down and savoring the little things that make life enjoyable and elevating the mundane to the luxurious. I am in LOVE with the concept of Hygge and want to help you bring more simple pleasures and coziness into your life.

Start Simplifying

Look & Feel your best

Health is at the foundation of living a peaceful and beautiful life for sure! In the Beauty & Wellness section I share what has worked for me and my family to overcome insomnia, anxiety, chronic pain and more. I also share some of my favorite beauty & body products. I’m really into having everything as natural as possible.

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my favorite recipes

In Homemade Happiness I share tried and true favorite family recipes that I hope will make dinner time easier for you as I know that can be a really chaotic time of day! I also share quick, healthy breakfasts, and snacks as well as amazing desserts!

Get Cookin'!

cuddle up & read

I’m mostly into self-help and lifestyle type books and I’m always looking to improve my life and learn more about myself. The Favorite Books section contains the books that have really changed me for the better!

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My Family

I have been with my high school sweetheart for 20 years and we have an 18 year old daughter and 17 year old son. I am a total animal lover (especially dogs!) and we have a cute and sweet Pugador named Pepper June. She is full of personality and to be honest…. with two teenagers in the house she is sometimes my favorite! HAHAHA! I have a big, loud, fun family and I love get-togethers with them. Here is my immediate family. I have literally 100+ cousins so this is just a small fraction.

other stuff about me

Aside from photography and home design, I love painting and hope to add some more paintings to my shop soon! I am an avid gardener, I do yoga every day and love being out in nature – especially walking at the beach in summer and hiking in the woods in fall. I am passionate about Fair Trade practices and making purchases that help people around the world.

Let's connect!

Thanks for being here!

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THANK YOU for allowing me to share with you and hopefully inspire you! It truly means the world to me!